4 words that describe our warehouses: safe, comprehensive, flexible and modern.


Our warehousing facility enables us to offer a complete logistics service combining regional warehouses (US and West Africa) and transportation services


Our warehousing facility accommodates your shipments regardless of its type and quantity


We utilize the best and latest technology to handle warehouse management


Our specialist team is fully trained in warehousing practices such as picking and packing, cross docking, palletization, consolidation and stretch wrapping

We are your guys

Whether you're looking for a storage facility, or consolidating your shipments for larger and more economical truckloads bound for a similar destination, we're your guys

When Should You Use a Consolidation Warehouse?

Geographical Similarities Between Suppliers

If you have multiple suppliers located in the same geographical area, utilizing consolidation warehouses is more efficient; cost and operational wise. This is due to the fact that multiple shipments from various suppliers are combined into larger and more economical loads. These consolidated shipments are then transported directly to their destinations.

Less-than-Truckload (LTL) Deliveries

Warehousing enables you to frequently ship LTL loads in a cost-efficient and safe manner due to minimal handling along the way.

Why Choose Us

When you choose to store your items in our warehouses, you have a wide range of distinct services that you can take advantage of. Our clients can rely on us to assist them with:

  • Importing your shipments via land, ocean freight and air freight
  • Transporting cargoes to our safe warehouses
  • Our warehouses are technology driven; in a sense they're equipped with modern software such as barcode scanners and labeling systems