Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo) Shipping

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RoRo shipments

Versatile and Reliable

Global Kings Logistics can accommodate your RoRo shipments which might include but isn’t limited to cars, trucks, SUV vans, high and heavy equipment and oversized cargos (mack trucks, dump trucks, caterpillars, wheel loaders and agricultural equipment). Our RoRo services cover West Africa and the Middle East.

Our prompt response to customs clearance and loading of units make us one of the top leaders in the industry because we understand that fast customs clearance is a critical step in the shipping process, and to our customers’ satisfaction. We also work with leading carriers in the industry, and utilize the most modern and safe vessels.

Why Choose Us for Your RoRo Shipments

Secure and Cost-efficient

Since Ro-Ro requires less physical handling, you can worry less, if at all, about expensive dismantling and reassembling.

Competitive Quotes

We offer competitive rates for shipping your cargos to and from every major port in West Africa and the Middle East.

Faster and Time-efficient

Since vehicles can be directly driven into the vessel through ramps, the loading and unloading processes are more quick and agile. This, in turn, enables trucks and vehicles to land minutes after docking before continuing their routes to their destinations.


In our portfolio, we have shipped a great number of RoRo shipments; all while ensuring that we’ve partnered with the best carriers. Our expertise can ensure an effective transportation of your RoRos.